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The Economic Implications of Trump’s Exit from the White House

If Nixon’s resignation is any indication, the turmoil surrounding Trump’s exit from the White House could wreak havoc on the economy.

Innovation: Elusive, Hard to Measure but Essential

Capitalism best cultivates innovation because it provides the incentive for firms to survive and thrive as well as the freedom to explore.

5 Questions for Tyler Goodspeed

On the COVID-19 recession, the White House’s economic agenda, the U.S.–China trade relationship, and more.

Tiers and Fears: Illinois Is Ground Zero for the Public-Sector Pension Crisis

Hundreds of billions of dollars in pension debt are dragging residents — and government at every level — under water.

The New York Times Sells Envy

Envy and ingratitude sell, so Farhad Manjoo gets to misrepresent data, twist facts, and sow resentment in the paper of record.

The U.S. Middle Class’s Exceptionally Long Decline — and Recent Recovery

Median household income has been on the rise since Trump’s election. Will it outlast his presidency?

Here Comes the Biden Blame Game

If the double-dip recession hits next year, Biden will remind us over and over that it’s Donald Trump’s fault. He’ll be wrong.

The Mythical Red and Blue State COVID-19 Divide

Strict lockdowns have not exacerbated recessions, but neither have they saved lives.