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How Economics Is Helping End the Pandemic

Economists have long known about regulatory barriers to speedy vaccine development.

We Have Time to Prevent Climate Change

Climate scientists are not predicting imminent catastrophe.

Facebook Acquisitions Benefitted Its Employees, Sellers, and Consumers. Where Is the Harm?

The FTC and state attorneys general are incorrect. Competition and innovation are alive and well in the social-media marketplace for all.

How Will Joe Biden Handle Outer Space?

Biden has a history of supporting space exploration, but hostility to the private sector and an emphasis on climate science could limit his successes there.

Pharma’s Rebate Rule: Inside Job or Political Genius?

Trump’s proposal to eliminate drug rebates might be good politics, but it would hurt consumers.

Biden Brain Trust: Forget the Billionaires, Guillotine the Corporations

In the wake of Biden’s victory, left-wing lawmakers could push a disastrous corporate-licensing requirement.

The Mythical Red and Blue State COVID-19 Divide

Strict lockdowns have not exacerbated recessions, but neither have they saved lives.