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How Will Joe Biden Handle Outer Space?

Biden has a history of supporting space exploration, but hostility to the private sector and an emphasis on climate science could limit his successes there.

Pharma’s Rebate Rule: Inside Job or Political Genius?

Trump’s proposal to eliminate drug rebates might be good politics, but it would hurt consumers.

Biden Brain Trust: Forget the Billionaires, Guillotine the Corporations

In the wake of Biden’s victory, left-wing lawmakers could push a disastrous corporate-licensing requirement.

The Mythical Red and Blue State COVID-19 Divide

Strict lockdowns have not exacerbated recessions, but neither have they saved lives.

Uber, Lyft Escape California’s Crackdown — but Law Will Continue to Devastate Gig Economy

While it’s nice that industries with deep pockets were able to win carve-outs via ballot measure, the devastating effects of AB5 persist for thousands of others.