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End Discrimination in Bank Lending

Containing access to capital for politically unpopular businesses distorts markets and disenfranchises voters.

As We Usher in 2021, It’s Time to Adopt a Permanent Calendar

Our calendar is cumbersome and outdated. We should adopt a consistent alternative.

Innovation: Elusive, Hard to Measure but Essential

Capitalism best cultivates innovation because it provides the incentive for firms to survive and thrive as well as the freedom to explore.

How Economics Is Helping End the Pandemic

Economists have long known about regulatory barriers to speedy vaccine development.

Team Biden: Full Steam Ahead on Politicized Investing

Fans of ESG might be in for rude awakening as their rhetorical dream becomes a mandatory reality.

Slow the Roll in the Student-Loan Market

Congress should develop a new commission to study the current state of student-loan programs, not rush toward a devastating debt jubilee.

In Defense of Capitalism

We must capably defend the call of the entrepreneur, the vitality of capital markets, and the nobility of free enterprise.