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The Capital Note: What to Expect from China’s 19th Party Congress

On the menu today: China’s 19th Party Congress, vaccine diplomacy, insider trading from home, and a look at the Microsoft antitrust case.

Paul Krugman’s Epic Summer

Assessing Mr. Krugman’s record on schooling, the economic recovery, and taxation.

What Biden Will Do: A Policy-Free Zone in Appearance Only

While the 2020 campaign will surely continue to be policy-free, the 2021 Congress will likely be as policy-heavy as any in history.

The Capital Note: Going After Google

On the menu today: The war on Google, clouds over commercial real estate, clouds in space, food hoarding — and money as a memory device.

Toward Protection of Retiree Financial Interests

A new approach to ESG rules should not overlook the role of proxy advisory firms.

The Capital Note: Following the Money in Beijing

On the menu today: Parsing China’s economic data, oil industry consolidation, and a new paper sheds light on the vulnerability of the Chinese real-estate market.

‘I am a Tariff Man’: Comparing Presidents Reagan and Trump

While Reagan pursued a nuanced trade policy focused on quotas, Trump has held firm on his commitment to tariffs.

A Progressive Tax Will Doom Illinois Small Businesses

There is nothing “fair” about Governor Pritzker’s “fair tax amendment.”