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How Corporate Tax Rules Hurt American Manufacturing

In the conservative debate on tax policy, both sides should agree to repeal tax provisions that hurt manufacturers.

Free Markets Beat Central Planning, Even for COVID-19 Tests and Vaccines

The botched rollout of COVID-19 vaccines highlights yet again the superiority of markets to central planning.

Bloomberg Reporters Ignored Evidence That Complicated Critical Amazon Angle, Economist Says

Michael Mandel told NR that the reporters ignored information that complicated their narrative.

End Discrimination in Bank Lending

Containing access to capital for politically unpopular businesses distorts markets and disenfranchises voters.

As We Usher in 2021, It’s Time to Adopt a Permanent Calendar

Our calendar is cumbersome and outdated. We should adopt a consistent alternative.

Biden’s Electric-Vehicle Plan Misses the Mark

Biden’s plan would make it harder to develop electric cars in the U.S. He should embrace reliable trans-Pacific trade.

Netflix Fueled by Oil and Gas in New Mexico

Hollywood rails against fracking, but production companies are happy to benefit from subsidies generated by oil producers.

Why Are Tech Stocks at Record Highs?

Valuing tech stocks requires a time horizon significantly longer than those typically used by financial analysts.