Rudy Giuliani says his latest ploy in Kyiv is about bringing Ukraine and America together. That’s a strange claim from the not-so-rogue Rudy, whose deluded crusade for kompromat on political opponents of Donald Trump is tearing apart the U.S.-Ukraine alliance. And it’s especially cruel to make it just days before Ukraine’s new president sits across from President Vladimir Putin for the first full-scale peace talks to be held in three years. 

Surely, Giuliani realized that at best it would look suspicious for the president’s personal attorney to swoop in and amplify Kremlin propaganda about the ghosts of conspiracies past at a time when Ukraine needs strong, clear U.S. support. But as we know, Trump never liked Ukraine very much, and he is rather fond of Putin.

While the official reason for Giuliani’s visit was an “investigative documentary” on corruption made by the pro-Trump One America News Network —an excuse widely seen as a cover so he could continue seeking out kompromat on Trump’s foes without fear of blowback—President Trump gave away the ruse on Saturday