In 1967, Lamar Alexander came to Washington from his native Tennessee to serve as an aide to Howard Baker, the Republican Senator from his home state who later helped to expose the White House tapes that sealed President Richard Nixon’s fate. Alexander is now concluding his career as Baker’s successor in the Senate by aiding President Donald Trump in hiding damning evidence of what the senator himself described as a scheme to “undermine” confidence in the principle of equal justice under law.

Furthermore, Alexander allowed other Republican Senators to borrow his own long-cherished reputation for probity and fairness as a cover for their near party-line vote in favor of a sham trial of Trump, without any witnesses.

Just weeks ago, Alexander promised that the Senate’s trial would meet a higher standard than the House impeachment proceedings, which he decried as a “circus.” He vowed to “study the record” to determine “whether we need additional evidence.” But at 11 p.m. last night, Alexander declared that the Senate did not need to obtain any additional testimony, because the House had actually done a phenomenal job.