Using an electric kettle makes me feel one step closer to being British, though we’ll never have the power they do since American outlets only put out 110 volts, while European are 220.

As someone that can’t go through the day without at least a cup of coffee (most likely two, if I’m being totally honest), having an electric kettle has made me drink more tea. And not just tea that I know I like, but teas of different blends and origins. I also occasionally eat fancy instant ramen, the ones that come in plastic bowls for $4 and all the directions are still in Japanese. Having an electric kettle has made instant ramen even more instant, which is a big deal to me. Is it not to you? I said occasionally.

You can also easily make instant oatmeal in half the time it would take boiling water traditionally. And yes, you could totally use a microwave, but if you don’t have one, this makes a really great addition to your kitchen. I don’t like oatmeal at all, but that seems like something people who like oatmeal would appreciate.

Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

Scouted contributor Julia Alvidrez swears by this model after using one in the Ace Hotel in London. “When filled to the max level (8 cups/34 oz.) water boils in just under 5 mins. Once it reaches a boil, the heating element automatically turns off. It will also turn off if the kettle boils dry or if you accidentally turn it on without any water in it. For an extra layer of safety, the heating element is totally concealed in the bottom of the pot.”

Epica Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Scrolling through the pages and pages on Amazon, you’ll see that most kettles are utilitarian, silver and bulky. My electric kettle has no frills. It has a temperature control and a “Keep Warm” feature, but it’s mostly an on-an-off switch that matters to me, and this one has not let me down yet.

BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

If you’re someone that values appliances that fit into your decor, some kettles are just as beautiful to look at as some tea pots, so you’ll feel good about them sitting on your counter. This one from Bella is not only ceramic, but it features a bunch of different patterns, like floral, marble, and chevron.

Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle

Then there’s gooseneck kettles. Gooseneck kettles don’t just look like that for the aesthetics. The long handle allows you to more accurately control the water coming from the spout. This one has a dial temperature control that allows for full customization that goes from 105°F to 212°F. While making your morning French press coffee may seem like it just requires boiling water, a lot of coffees flourish with the correct water temperature.

Electric kettles are another appliance that takes up space, but if you are someone who tends to drink many a hot beverage (or eats a lot of oatmeal), they’re an incredibly valuable thing to own and use. It’s not just a bunch of hot air water.

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