I’m all for innovation. I love when someone creates a product that changes how we execute simple tasks. But how innovative can you be with an ice tray? The ICEBREAKER is challenging that.

Simply put, the ICEBREAKER is an ice cube tray that allows you to easily dispense cubes by twisting the top like a pepper grinder. Through magic (or just artfully crafted interior mechanics) perfectly formed iced cubes pop out the bottom and straight into an awaiting glass. All you need to do as a user is twist. Inside the chamber of the ICEBREAKER is a typical ice cube tray that will freeze water the same way any other one will. Just fill from the top and stash it in the freezer. It’s leakproof, so it can be placed on basically any angle, unlike a traditional tray. And you don’t have to do that delicate tip-toe to place in the freezer like you would with a flimsy silicone option.

The only downside to the ICEBREAKER is that you really can’t tell how many ice cubes are left. The indicator on the side goes down as you twist, but until you run out of cubes, there’s really no way of knowing how many you have in the chamber. Besides that, it’s a fun, innovative way to dispense ice without having to struggle to pop them out of a tray. The ICEBREAKER does it for you. | Get in on Amazon >


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