I’m what my mother has always affectionately referred to as “a good puker.” As in, when I was a child, before I had to be sick, I would always announce my intention and make a concerted effort to find an appropriate receptacle. This has been a talent that, as an adult who suffers from severe motion sickness but also has insatiable wanderlust, has gotten me far in life. I’ve been sick in buses, planes, boats, and golf carts all over the world, and generally, I do a good job of containing it (apologies to my friend in Guatemala whose raincoat hood I ruined).

But as you might imagine, despite my talents for improvisation, being sick while traveling sucks. A few years ago, after a particularly hideous car trip with my boyfriend, I became determined to find a way to deal with the issue. I’ve tried a number of methods, both holistic and pharmacological, and so far, the most effective solution has been a brand of acupressure bracelets called Psi Bands. I now own two pairs, one which I keep in my suitcase at all times, the other which I carry with me in my purse. 

I don’t entirely know why they work (although their website cites a number of double-blind studies that assert that they do), but I do know that I have experienced a marked difference when I have them on as opposed to when I don’t. So much so, in fact, that a few weeks ago while sleeping during a 13-hour bus ride across Mexico, I awoke suddenly knowing “something was wrong.” Sure enough, one of the bracelets had fallen off while I was passed out. 

Unlike some other acupressure bracelets, Psi Bands are adjustable and have little dials that increase or decrease the pressure to your wrists. For me, the knobs function more like a fidget toy than anything else. When I start to feel sick, they give me a sense that I can control something, and this takes my mind off the feeling itself. They also come in all sorts of colors and patterns that help you feel at least a little better about feeling nauseous in beautiful places like I have. | Shop on Amazon >



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