Update: Pluto now makes a king-sized version of their incredible, durable, customizable pillows. All you expect from the classic size of pillow, from what fill you like best, to the height that fits your neck, to a gusset (if you want one!). The king-sized pillow is priced at $105 and will give your big ol’ bed a pillow that’s meant for it.

Hating your pillow should be a thing of the past, because it’s just one more thing you have to worry about when you should be enjoying a good night’s sleep.

The Pluto Pillow is the key to never having a crappy pillow experience again. Pluto allows you to customize your new hybrid-designed pillow based on a quick survey that takes into account everything from your height and weight, to the softness of your current pillow (and whether or not you like it). I got the chance to get one made to test out and let me tell you, it has changed my nights. I actively enjoy laying my head on my pillow at night. It’s everything I had been searching unsuccessful for.

At $85, it’s not a pillow you pick up at Bed Bath & Beyond on a whim and just deal with; it’s a pillow you’ve now invested time and money in. And you’ll have 100 nights to test it out, plus all pillows come with a three year warranty.

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