If you really want to take amazing pro-level photos, you usually have to take a photography class. Or go back to college. Or spend an entire day watching YouTube how-to videos and learn all of the intricate camera settings. I tend to forget what ISO means and how to tweak white balance, and also what the tiny little squiggles mean on the settings dial (that’s right, A stands for aperture priority). It’s not quite like riding a bike.

You could say the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera is like riding a bike. In full auto mode, I managed to snap some professional-quality photos. The camera is incredibly forgiving, even in low light. I snapped photos of a car as the sun was setting at dusk and the Z7 adjusted itself perfectly. Yet, I also know in manual mode I can tweak the exposure, aperture setting, and the dreaded white balance easily enough. 

The reason this all works? The mirrorless camera is super fast (as opposed to older full-frame cameras like the Nikon D600), and captures at a rather stunning 45.7-megapixels. I mean, you have to almost try to screw up. The Z7 lets you shoot 4K videos and rattle off photos in rapid succession at 9 frames per second. The auto-focus works so fast, it’s a bit dizzying. When I photographed that same car driving past my house, the Z7 focused perfectly even though I’m not exactly a steady stan.

I also highly recommend the 24-70mm lens included as part of the Nikon Z7 kit. You’ll be able to take nice portrait shots and zoom for beautiful landscape nature photos. At a college move-in day, I took colorful and bright photos of students moving into dorms, showing their smiling faces in such crisp, high-resolution detail you could see their sweat. If occasional amateurs like me can feel like a pro, that’s pretty impressive.

By the way, ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It’s all about light sensitivity and, in general, lower is better. Now you know, huh? | Get it on Amazon >

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