Election Day 2020 is a year away, but the political circus is in full swing. And while some may already feel exhausted by the never-ending campaign news cycle, those who love the horserace and drama just can’t get enough. Here are some gifts that are sure to please the political junkie in your life.

VOTE Tote Bag: Your friends with a personal frontrunner in the presidential race probably have all the bumper stickers and campaign buttons the need. But political gear doesn’t have to be partisan. Try a playful bag that allows them to express their love for civic engagement wherever they are.

VOTE Tote Bag by BootsTees

Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World: Did the pink wave of 2018 inspire your bestie to pave her own path to political office? Give her that extra push with a step-by-step guide meant to inspire and show could-be candidates what it takes to run. This engaging workbook, co-authored by an activist and a former political operative and covers, everything from fundraising to balancing a family with a campaign. 

Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office

Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering Game: The election isn’t the only major political battle on the horizon. Next up? Redistricting, a.k.a. the decennial drawing of legislative and congressional district maps. Get ready for the map-making madness with this game.

Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering Game

Custom Engraved Clipboard: Know someone who spends every spare weekend knocking on doors for their favorite candidate or cause? Outfit them with their own “field kit” for organizing in style. A personalized clipboard and pencils (they work even if it’s cold or wet!) will keep them going until the polls close next November. 

Custom Engraved Clipboard

Posters for A Change: The activist in your life will never run out of eye-catching signs to tote to the next big march, thanks to this collection of colorful, tear-out protest posters. Throw in a pack of wooden paint-stirrers to stock their sign stick stash. 

Posters for Change: Tear, Paste, Protes

The Little President: A Presidential Primer: It’s never too early to start teaching the kids in your life about the nation’s political history. So why not introduce them to the nation’s founders with a presidential board book? Hey, maybe it will even inspire them to aim for 1600 Pennsylvania themselves someday. 

The Little President: A Presidential Primer

Morning Joe Ceramic White Mug: Keep the pundit-obsessed person in your life caffeinated through all the morning cable shows with a chic mug touting their show of choice. This one mimics the style hosts of the MSNBC program use on air. 

Morning Joe Ceramic White Mug

We The People Liberal Tears Coffee Mug: Because your best conservative friends need coffee in the morning, too. 

We The People Liberal Tears Coffee Mug

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bobblehead: Fangirls (and boys) of today’s most well-known lawmakers can show their support with a political bobblehead. The brand makes miniature statues of everyone from Bernie Sanders to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bobblehead

Wolf Blitzer Collage Pillowcase: Need to send the message that they really need to change the channel and stop thinking about election returns? Gift them a Wolf Blitzer pillow. Consider it the low-tech version of the CNN anchor’s signature hologram. 

Wolf Blitzer Collage Pillowcase

United States Mini Constitution: The one thing better than knowing the nation’s founding principles and documents inside and out? Having a copy of the Constitution you can pull out and cite on demand. This chic leather-bound edition includes both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

United States Mini Constitution

The Contender: What to get the friend who can’t get enough of the Democratic debates? Put them to the test with The Condender, a game that puts players behind the podium. The family-friendly  “omni-political” card game relies on quotes from real politicians to fuel (and score) talking points. 

The Contender Boardgame

Cards Against Humanity Saves America Pack: And for the slightly edgier election nut in your life? Try the Cards Against Humanity “Saves America” expansion pack. Nothing like a little laughter for blowing off some political steam. 

Cards Against Humanity Saves America Pack

Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years of Election Art: Nothing says “I Know Politics” like covering your walls with vintage campaign posters. For the politics junkie who just can’t get enough of old ads, go with this exhaustive collection of campaign art compiled by The Library of Congress. It includes 100 ready-to-frame prints. 

Presidential Campaign Posters

Southwest Airlines Gift Card: A true political diehard’s dream? Being a part of the action. Whether they want to witness the Iowa Caucuses, attend a political convention or trek to a swing state to canvass for their candidate of choice come October 2020, an airline gift card will get them part of the way there. And if the election doesn’t turn out the way they hoped? Vacation time. 

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

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