Whether you want to keep track of your pets or protect your home while you’re away, indoor cameras are an easy way to have eyes there even if you’re not. And right now, Amazon’s smart home security outfit Blink has cut 20% off its top-rated Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection.

You can get the discount on any system with up to three cameras, the one-camera system going for $64 and the three-camera system going for $150 (which is the best value of the three considering the 20% applies to full prices throughout). Whichever set you get, the built-in motion detection can alert you on your smartphone and even show you a clip of what triggered it. And on top of those alerts, you can control the camera system via your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or iPhone. The battery-life is designed for two years and the unit is completely wireless. You also get to store the footage you’re collecting online for no extra charge.

The video quality is a solid 720p, which is plenty good. And if you want to take things to the next level and get an outdoor-ready camera with a higher resolution and audio capabilities, check out the newest and most advanced version of the Blink security cameras. However you wish to protect your home now and in the future, knowing more of what goes on when you’re away is a great place to start, especially when the system to help you with that is on sale. Get it on Amazon >


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