Hours after three House committees subpoenaed Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for documents and records related to his work in Ukraine, the former New York City mayor appeared for a friendly interview with Trump-boosting Fox News host Sean Hannity.

And while the Fox News star didn’t ask Giuliani whether he’d comply with the House committees’ request that’s related to their investigation of President Trump’s efforts to dig up Ukrainian dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hannity did wonder if Giuliani would be interested in speaking to Congress.

“Will you testify?” Hannity asked. “Because I think [Trump lawyer] Jay Sekulow is absolutely right. You don’t have to do anything.”

“I don’t know,” the ex-mayor said. “I’m weighing the alternatives. I’ll get all my evidence together, I’ll get my charts.”

Giuliani then indicated he could be swayed if Congress wanted to review video and audio recordings he had gathered over the course of his Ukrainian adventures. Some Democrats, meanwhile, have expressed hesitation about inviting a wild card such as Giuliani for a public hearing.

“I don’t know, if they let me use videotapes and tape recordings that I have, if they let me get some of the evidence that I gathered,” he declared before trailing off, adding: “And I have to tell you, Sean, all this nonsense about I was interfering in the election, I gathered all this evidence before the Mueller probe ended, so it was clearly under my responsibility as the lawyer for the president of the United States.”

While Giuliani told Hannity his evidence-gathering took place while he was working as the president’s attorney in relation to the Muller investigation, he has repeatedly insisted that the State Department called and asked him to look into Ukraine. 

Interestingly, even though Hannity’s network broke the story, the host didn’t ask Giuliani about Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s report that Giuliani enlisted Trump-supporting lawyers—and frequent Hannity guests—Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing to work “off the books” for Trump to gather opposition research on Biden in Ukraine. Wallace also reported Trump was the only one in government aware of the plan.