In his younger days, he was famed for keeping a close eye on the details of his finances.

And, perhaps encouraged by his success at collecting one third of a $300,000 debt owed by rapper Rotimi, 50 Cent has started a bizarre new beef with Bow Wow, claiming the singer pocketed $1,000 in singles that was meant to be used as tips for performers at a strip club.

In a series of posts he alleged that Bow Wow took the money.

50 Cent has in recent months publicly called out people he claims owe him money, including rapper Rotimi, after the performer boasted about the commercial success of his track “Walk With Me.”

50 Cent responded in saying in a social media post, “My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank.”

Rotini told TMZ that he settled up a third of the debt—$100,000—and intends to make good on the rest as he gets royalties on the material.

However his aggressive reaction to the alleged theft of a relatively trifling amount of money left observers of the feud on Instagram bemused and amused, especially after he threatened, “You better get me my f**king money by Monday.”

32-year-old Like Mike star Bow Wow addressed the feud in his own film in which he described $1,000 as ‘nothing’ before counting out that amount of money, then throwing it on the floor disdainfully.

50 Cent was quick to respond, grabbing a clip of the video and posting an aggressive message.